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    Filtering Data In app

      Is there a way to fix the filters to a sheet inside the App.When I am applying the filters it is getting applied to all the sheets on that app.I want to apply different filters on different sheets inside the same app.

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          Isabelle Timmermans

          Filters are always applied in the whole app (as far as I know).

          You can however make a metric which will not be affected by a certain filter or put a filter on a certain metric.

          You can do this with set analysis.


          The first solution will make the metric ignorant to a specific filter, but still others apply.

          Like this: Sum( {$<DIMENSION1=,DIMENSION2=>} METRIC)

          So what ever you select in Dimension1 or Dimension2, It will we ignored. every other filters will be applied.


          The second solution will filter te metric upfront and let you use other filters.

          sum({<DIMENSION={'DIMENSION VALUE '}} >} METRIC)

          So whatever you select in the dimension, the metric will only show data within the dimension value, other filters will be applied.


          You can also combine these solutions.

          Does this help you?