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    Not Equal to condition in resident load

    Monica Chhabra

      Hi All,

      I have created a table with several join (left and outer) and then I am doing a resident load with a where clause in which I want to eliminate the records with certain seller type positions-(see the syntax below).  I don't get any error running the script but it is not eliminating the records with Seller type I have in where clause and is essentially bringing all records.  Can someone help?  IS it also possible to write the 3 seller type positions in the list form?

      Any guidance on this will be really appreciated







      LOAD *

      Resident All_Stages

      where  [Seller Type] <> 'SIG MM' OR [Seller Type] <> 'SIG SM' OR [Seller Type] <> 'CST';

      Drop Table All_Stages;