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    Dynamically loading images

      I am developing an application to display product images for a serial ID. Each serial ID can have from 15 to 20 associating images. User selects a serial ID, and the report shows images for that serial ID only.

      We have 180,000 images and growing stored on a file server. It seems to be insufficient to bundle all the images into a Qlikview document. I would like to load the serial IDs and the data paths of the corresponding images only. At the report run-time, use the paths to dynamically load the images from the file server for the selected serial ID from the user.

      Do you have suggestion on how to accomplish this or other approaches? I tried to use macro to load the images, but it does not seem to be possible to call a macro within a chart expression.

      Thanks for the help



        • Dynamically loading images

          You're right on track Tai. If you create a chart and use the filepath as the expression the chart will display the image dynamically. One example is rob wunderlich google chart example. So if you create a chart with the filepath as expression like for example. '¨c:\tempfolder\image' & imagenumber & '.jpg' then by changing the imagenumber variable the image changes.

          This way is convenient if you have all the images in the same folder. If this is not the case then you should be able to load the imageid with corresponding filepath as a table and the use a macro to retrieve the filepath when an serial ID is choosen read the filepath from the current selections and store it as a variable thus changing the image.