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    Issue in Bar chart while creating report in pixelperfect Npriting.

    Supriya R



      I am using Qliksense 3.0 and NPRINTing


      I am setting up a report, where i need to create a bar chart,


      In qliksense i have bar chart with expression and diemnsion as


      Dimension : if(Match(salescatergory,2),salescatergory)

      Expression1 : sum({<$salesId={'1'}>}sales)

      Expression2 : sum({<$salesId={'5'}>}sales)

      Expression3 : sum({<$salesId={'8'}>}sales)


      This gives me correct bar chart in Qliksense. So i added this object in tables of Nprinting and folowed this link to create a bar chart How to Create a Well Formatted PixelPerfect Chart   to create a chart.


      For this in Aurgument i choose 'if(Match(salescatergory,2),salescatergory)' . For values no expression will be visible to add in dropdown. How could i apply this three expression while creating chart.