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    Permissions: Copy but not edit?

    Tanya Ruppell

      Is it possible to grant users permission to copy applications from a "Master" stream to My Work without giving them authority to edit the copy in the "Master" stream?

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          Shraddha Gajare

          Hi Tanya,


          App in Master Stream cant get edited unless someone publish and replace.


          Once published the app, user can edit sheet without taking it in My work. Editing sheet will generate duplicate copy of the sheet and then will allow edit.

          Edited sheet will only be visible to the one user ID who had edited it.

          You can restrict Publish rights of user so he cant publish the edited sheets and it will be no harm to the original application.


          I hope it is helpful.




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            Hi Tanya,


            Lets say your APP name is MYAPP. Now when you duplicate it and rename it to MYAPP1 and publish it to stream named MASTER , Now no one can change anything in this application MYAPP1 even administrator. Now your concern is , You get login with another user and he or she want the same published app MYAPP1 in his or her my work , so this is not possible. what you can do , Ask admin to make your another user OWNER of the MYAPP so it will appear in its MY WORK section.


            The alternative is that the developers work in Qlik Sense Desktop and simply mail each other the app when the other needs to work on it. After all the work is done and the app is finished the admin can import the app and publish it. The drawback is that you need to keep track of other resources used in the app like images and extensions and make sure those arrive on the Qlik Sense Server together with the finished app.


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            Rohit Kumar