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    Field to Input Values

    Matheus Colares

      Hi folks

      Is there any way to make a column in a Straight Table be a edit field...i mean, like inputfield you know? or a cell excel?
      I am ask this because a have a demand to make a little software, where a client choose a product and input a discount percentage and  the last colunm calculation a...whathever, sell price * INPUT(values user), but for each product be a diferente percentage, It depends on what the client put each product...I found a function like with this, is call INPUTFIELD[];, is as script function, i need something to level of chart, and INPUTFIELD[]; it's not worked when i have  two valeus distinct for same key...

      Sorry if I was not clear, i realy think qlikview don't make something like this, because is not his purpose, but...

      sorry by my english



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          Stefan Wühl

          There are special functions you can use in a straight table chart in combination with the script defined input fields:

          Special input field aggregation functions ‒ QlikView


          I can't open your QVW currently, so I don't know how your data model looks like.


          Why do you keep multiple input field values per key?


          Maybe you also want to research 3. party products in the planning domain, maybe something like

          KliqPlan (Planning Suite)

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            Rupam Das

            You can write in your script :

            INPUTFIELD <FieldName>;

            Use the <FieldName> in your table. Let me know how this works for you

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              Neelam Sehrawat

              I didn't get you....You already have Input Field in your application and you are already doing the sum of two fields.


              Can explain it a bit more what result set you want in your current application.

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                Matheus Colares

                Hi, thanks everyone by return!!

                Let me explain better what i want...For example, i have a Straight Table with three dimension (Product,Store,DateSell):

                Product      Store  Date Sell    |  Sum(sold amount)  | Input(ANY Values)  | Sum(sold amount) * Input(ANY Values)

                Cigarrette    001  08-01-2016  |              20              |    I set this values    |    20 * (I set this values)

                Cigarrette    045  06-01-2016  |              10              |    I set this values    |    10 * (I set this values)

                Beer            003  03-01-2016  |              50              |    I set this values    |      50 * (I set this values)


                This column Input(ANY Values)  not exist in my data base(QVD), is a column just for put data.

                To use INPUTFIELD its work, but a set in scrip a column with any valeus, but have a problem, if i change a values for one line, the qlikview change the value to all the same line...And some times, INPUTFIELD appears duplicity error...Well, unfortunately INPUTFIELD  not work to me, i guess...

                I hope I have been clear...if this problem have solution, will help me a lot...


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                  Matheus Colares

                  I did it Adrian!!!


                  Folks, i got it, i used INPUTFIELD...




                  INPUTFIELD [QTDE],[PV],[PR],[DATA];




                       PRUN_UNID_CODIGO AS VEN_UNID_CODIGO,

                       DT_MOVTO AS DATA,

                       0 AS QTDE,

                       0 AS PV,

                       0 AS PR





                  Thank you everyone!!!Thank youuu!!!

                  Now i need export this to .QVD...=/