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    Set Analysis

      Hi, I have data that shows employment placements

      The job seekers may be Stream A, B, C or V (depending on their likelihood of being able to find work)

      If the job seeker is in Stream A then I don't want to count them if their Stream Commencement Date is less than 91 days (in the expression below I currently have this hard wired to 5/09/2016 but I want to use the Today () function in the future.

      I have a filter pane in my Qlik Sense app that chooses between A, B, C or V.

      The expression below also looks at whether these job seekers have a Provider Brokered Flag set to yes or not and should only count the ones set to "Y".


      I am getting tangled up here. The expression below works fine if just Stream A is selected but doesn't work if other Streams are also selected. I am trying to avoid an enormous expression.


      if(Stream_Placement_Type='SA',count({<Provider_Brokered_Flag={'Y'}>}Provider_Brokered_Flag)-count({<Stream_Placement_Type={'SA'},Provider_Brokered_Flag={'Y'},Stream_Commence_Date={'>=$(=date('05/09/2016'-91,'DD/MM/YYYY'))'}>} Provider_Brokered_Flag),count({<Provider_Brokered_Flag={'Y'}>}Provider_Brokered_Flag))


      I have tried doing this a number of ways but not getting the result I'm after.