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    Different Filter for each excel column in NPrinting

    Arviddree Sanjaya

      Hi All


      Currently i am using Nprinting version 15.3 for creating report on excel file.

      I want to create a report a nprinting report based on my qlikview document,
      What i want to achieve is someting like this



      FormulaCurrent yearLast YearQuarter 3YTD


      For now i should create a formula one by one per cell example :

      for a+b current year = sum({<Formula={a+b},Year={2016}>}Sales)

      a+b Last year = sum({<Formula={a+b},Year={2015}>}Sales)

      a+b Quarter year = sum({<Formula={a+b},Quarter={"Q3"}Sales)


      and for  a+b+c

      for a+b+c current year = sum({<Formula={a+b+c},Year={2016}>}Sales)

      a+b+c Last year = sum({<Formula={a+b}+c,Year={2015}>}Sales)

      a+b+c Quarter year = sum({<Formula={a+b+c},Quarter={"Q3"}Sales)

      My Question is can i apply different filter for each column? Current Year column = 2016, Last Year Column = 2015 etc.....

      currently i am using formula for showing the value.

      Appreciate any help