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    Unlicensed users "creates" selections in System Monitor

    Robert Elofsson



      In the app System Monitor we're monitoring the users of an application where we can see whether they have made any selections etc. within the app. However, the problem is that the System Monitor app is registering unlicensed users and the selections they 'make' within the app, even though they should not be able to. We have established that they cannot actually access the application, so it should be impossible for them to make any selections.


      Has anybody encountered the same problem? If so, how can we solve this? Is there any way to filter these registers of the unlicensed users so that the end user doesn't see them at all?


      Below you can see an image of the System Monitor app and how it has created selections for some users that are unlicensed for the application. It is also essential to highlight that these users get the CAL Type 'None'. This seems to be due to that a session gets started and then times-out.


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          Marcus Sommer

          I think this are rather generic entries then they have all the same duration and the number of selections is too homogenous. I think you will need to dive deeper in the logfiles to find the reason or a pattern which explained those entries.


          I don't know it but I could imagine that things like calling a document bookmark or the use of session collaboration or session recovery or something like this might cause unexpected entries.


          - Marcus