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    New user problem importing data



      I'm a huge fan of qlickview I have downloaded and installed the software with great ease but unfortunately thats as far as my expertise extends. I was planning on demonstrating qlickview to my superiors by linking the software to our reporting server and build a few custom reports to justify the purchasing of a number of licences.

      I have been able to create and use reports by linking qlickview to an extract of the server in excel but this is not exactly ideal, what I would like to do is link qlickview to the server and be able to have real time refresh data without refreshing a number of files each time.

      When I go into qlickview and open the script I can select ODBC I input my username and password, atthis point I can see all the data stored on the server. When i click add a number of lines are added to the script but when I then select ok and goback to qlickview none of my data is imported in.

      If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated, thanks





        • New user problem importing data
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hello Ciaran,

          It seems to me what you are doing is just editing the script. Once you have all LOAD statements properly added to your script, then you need to reload and get from your data source via your ODBC connection all data to generate your reports. It should be as easy as clicking on the "Reload" button to extract all that data to QlikView and use it.

            • New user problem importing data

              Hi Miguel,

              Thankyou for your reply, It seems that the answer was to actually animate the script. After I done this I was able to select all the necessary field in qlickview.

              I have another question,

              One of my columns comes in as a set of dates dd/mm/yyyy hh/mm/ss, Is it possible for me to force this data to appear as just a month name or a week number without editing the server data.