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    Help with Hierarchy Path and Populating the broken out fields

      I am looking to get the capability to do some strange selection logic based on triggers or any other method that works. This is what I think I need to do in order to get the functionality the users are looking for.


      Basically... if I change selection on the broken out levels of a tree hierarchy or the path, the subsequent fields gets selected appropriately as well. See image below. It seems using triggers is likely creating a circular reference and qlikview doesn't know how to react. More likely it is reacting as expected and I don't know how to fix it.



      1. I need to be able to display and filter the Hierarchy of Level's within a list box. This is done using the Path of the hierarchy function. This is good so far...


      2. In the hierachy path listbox, I want to be able to "select" the children in the Path even when the "Node" is expanded. This is not doable inherently in the tool.


      3. Also, the users will not understand the path field in the "Current Selections" so I want to display it as if they selected the appropriate broken out field (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3). I also, personal preference, do not want to show the selection as a concatenation of the values [e.g. ("B"|"E")] in the Current Selections.


      • Essentially if a User selects the Path = A, they would see a selection of Level 1=A as well as Path = A, A|B, A|B|C, A|B|D, A|E, A|E|F. Then if they click on "A" in the Level 1 table box it should undo both filters.
      • Not showing the PATH in the Current Selections is simple using the hidden function in the script, so I am not worried about that. I just want the logic to work


      4. I want to have the capability that if you select the broken out fields it also selects the Path field so it is colored green in the list box.


      Hopefully this makes sense... Thank you for your help in advance.


      P.S. I am working on a Personal Edition and would not be able to load QVW files.


      Data Sets:

      Resulting Hierarchy Table  



      Level 1Level 2Level 3PathLevel UID
      A A1
      AB A|B2
      AE A|E5
      G G7
      GH G|H8
      GJ G|J10


      Rooms referencing to what levels they are on.


      RoomLevel UID