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    highlighting highest numbers

    Robert Winkel

      Any way to be able to do this?


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          carson walker

          With Qlik Sense Pivot Tables - You can highlight the Cell Values based on your criteria.


          This example shows highlighting the cells for all sales over $5000. 


          This type of color expression needs to be placed in the Background Color Expression area of the Measure details on the right side of sense.



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            Stefan Wühl

            To highlight the max value, you can use something as background color expression like

            =If( Sum(Value)=Max(TOTAL Aggr( Sum(Value), Product, Customer)),Yellow())

            Sum(Value) being the expression in the chart and Product, Customer the dimensions.

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              Gabriel Oluwaseye



              Maybe try this below expression, select EDIT (little pencil icon at top right) then select Appearance then Colors then change the colors to By Expression.


              IF(Sum([Value])=RANGEMAX(TOP(TOTAL Sum([Value]),1,NOOFROWS(TOTAL))),YELLOW())


              Where YELLOW() is whatever color you want.


              Here is the full function for Top and Bottom

              IF(Sum([Value])=RANGEMAX(TOP(TOTAL Sum([Value]),1,NOOFROWS(TOTAL))),YELLOW()

              ,IF(Sum([Value]) = RANGEMIN(TOP(TOTAL Sum([Value]),1,NOOFROWS(TOTAL))),RED()))