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    Can ='SUM' & (TEXT) be done, and what about hiding Pivot-columns? (having Nightmares now..) :-)

    Anita Melbye

      Dear smart QlikView-people out there - I hope someone can answer my questions?

      I highly appreciate any feedback that I get - even if the problems I would like to have solved, can't be solved, I would at least like to know. I'm dreaming (nightmares) about this at night now :-)

      Is it possible in a pivot to add personalized text in the dark green SUM-lines?
      (See my attached report)

      For each sum by column A, I have a text to match. If I write =SUM(TEXT) Qlikview does not know what I want. If I write =MAXSTRING(TEXT) QlikView returnes the same text on all the sumlines (off course).

      I would like to have the text for A1 to show in A1's total, and the text for A2 to show in A2's total

      Can this be done? Any ideas anyone?

      Is it possible to hide columns in a pivot-table? I really would like to hide the three first columns, but I have not found a way to do so. I don't think it can be done in a Pivot, am I right?error loading image

      *Newbee in Looove*