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    Regarding Section Access+Filteration

      Hi All,

      Though i am ok with the qlikview front end. I am struggling with backend(Script&Set analysis). Below is the script for the section access. Though it works fine i am not sure how it works? :-(

      'USER' as [ACCESS] --> ???

      userid as USERID --> Will load the user id which have to be entered by the user.

      upper(password) as PASSWORD --> Will load the password which have to be entered by the user after entering the user id.

      account as [account code] --> ???

      mfaccode as [mfaccode] --> ???

      I don't have any idea what those column marked with ??? does. Can any one please explain how the login is happening here and how the filteration of data are happening.

      As per my understanding i think {account as [account code] - Will filter the data according to the account used in login(userid:accountcode+mfaccode) and mfaccode as [mfaccode] Will filter the data according to the mfacode used in login(userid:accountcode+mfaccode). Let me know whether my understanding is right or wrong.

      I reffered the document but it is not helping me as i am newbie. Hope some one can help me in such way a newbie can understand.

      Also let me know is it necessary that user name should only be 'admin' for the admin user. Can't it be with different name. Something like vadmin or administrator???

      If any details you want please ask me!



      Section Access;

      SecurityTable: LOAD

      'USER' as [ACCESS], userid as USERID, upper(password) as PASSWORD, account as [account code], mfaccode as [mfaccode]

      RESIDENT items;

      Section Application;