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    How to give sheetwise security when we don't have group column and admin

      Hi All,

      In my document i am loading section access table without using inline function. And as mentioned in the document i don't have the group. Now i want to give access to the sheet according to the logged in user. Also for your information i don't have admin user in my document. Let me know what script i need to add to give security to the sheets.

      For your information below is the script that i ave used for the section access.

      In my current document i don't need group. What i want is if the logged in user is USER then it should give access to sheet1 only. If it is admin it should give access to all the sheets. Something like that!

      I don't have any column in my current which can differentiate who is admin and who is user. Let me know do i need to add any columns which can differentiate admin and user or it can be done using load inline function.


      Section Access;

      SecurityTable: LOAD

      'USER' as [ACCESS], userid as USERID, upper(password) as PASSWORD, account as [account code], mfaccode as [mfaccode]

      RESIDENT items;
      Section Application;