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    Articque map _ Raster

    Nicolas CARLIER



      I'm using Articque Map for QlickView, i want add a raster on a map.

      Documentation talks a bit about it, and i didn't succeed in add the GreyScale raster present in the document.


      Have you some other document or tips ?



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          Jerome Guyot

          Hi Nicolas,


          Articque MAP for QlikView uses OpenStreetMap rasters tiles by default. This can be set in Articque MAP options pannel with the "Rasters" parameter filled with this expression :






          If you want to use your own WMS/WMTS raster tiles serveur, you need to add an expression with this structure, as described in the technical documentation :




          Your WMTS server URL can contains some "variable" parameters, like coordinates {x}, {y}, {z} of tiles matching your current zoomed area on the map or an alternative server domain/subdomain. It takes the form of {} parameters in your url, and it completely depends on the WMTS server you're using. Here is an example of a URL I sometime use to add a "lighter/simplier" version of OSM :




          Here is an example of a raster tiles configuration expression for this one :








          You can allow your endusers to switch between several raster tiles servers if you want, by adding several raster tiles servers configurations separated by || in your expression :




          You can also use the ='empty' expression if you prefer to set a blank background instead of a basemap.





          NB : the "default=" parameter is used to set the default raster tiles server displayed when you first load the extension if you provide several raster tiles servers to your endusers.


          Do not hesitate to send your custom URL to Articque MAP Technical Support if you need additional assistance on this subject.


          I hope this will help,




          Jerome Guyot