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    Getting Localhost:4848/hub on another device

      Hi All,


      I am developing a dashboard in Qlik Sense that is going to be used on a mobile device. For testing of the app i have used the developer tools in my web browser (Chrome). this way i can show the app as if it was displaying on a mobile device. My problem with this is that some functionality is different in the browser than it would be on mobile. For a demo I would like the audience to view the app on their own phone while sense is running on my own laptop. The problem is that i can't publish the app on a server, because this is a proof of concept and the company doesn't have a qlik sense server yet. and i cant publish it on our own server because the data is business sensitive data and they don't want their data running on a third party server.


      I was wandering if somebody knows how ik can access the localhost:4848/hub from my laptop on a iPhone that is connected to the same wifi? is this possible?