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    QS Desktop start error

    Digvijay Singh



      I have recently installed Qlik Sense 3.0 SR2


      With previous version while opening Qlik sense I was getting below error 4 to 5 times, starting time was more than a minute. Now I receive this error once only but still it takes more than normal time in showing hub page. Anyone facing similar problem -


      After pressing 'refresh' it works fine.




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          Andres Prado

          Hi, have the same problem but it comes and goes and have no idea why. Probably a minor bug of the recent release. If someone knows what's going on please post it.




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            Digvijay Singh

            For me it got resolved in 3.1 version. Just installed and checked.




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              rohit kumar

              Hi Digvijay,


              Connect your PC to internet and try to run , If it will run Do the following solution :


              The issue is Qlik Sense 3.0 needs network connectivity to run , No matter it is Intranet or Internet.So,


              What we need to do , Create a Loop Back Adapter which makes Qlik Sense 3.0 always connect to network no matter you are in any network or not , But Qlik Sense 3.0  will work fine.


              Steps are below to create Loop Back Adapter:


              Run => write command hdwwiz => advanced => Network Adapter => Microsoft => MS KM TST Loop Back Adapter => Next and Done.


              Qlik Sense will work always with network or without network


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              Rohit Kumar