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    Dates, columns to rows, Scripting help needed

    Ga Baga

      Hello All,


      I have a complex requirement, any suggestion is much appreciated.


      What I have:

      A file with Monthly values, e.g: For a Line of Business A, June Amount is xxx $

      I have a Qlikview dashboard with Facts and Dimensions and this file has to be handled directly by Qlikview but rest of the tables come from a database

      A single LOB can have multiple Entities


      What I need:

      I will have to split the Monthly amount into Weeks and then into days omitting the weekends

      I will have to introduce the dates according to the month mentioned in the file e.g. for June 2016, i will have to introduce dates for weekdays.

      I will have to introduce rows for each date and for each LOB and each Entity


      Please refer to the attached excel and let me know if more information is needed.