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    YTD calculation: shows total not YTD?

      I am trying to get a YTD calculation to work.


      I used examples here:

      YTQ, QTD, MTD and WTD


      However, it always returns the TOTAL SUM so if I just do SUM(MySalesField) it gets the same result as:

      Sum({$<Date = {'>$(=Max(([Fiscal Year](Date)))) <=$(=Max(Today()))'}>} [MySalesField])



      SUM({$<[Calendar Date] = {'>=$(=YearStart(Today()))<=$(=MonthEnd(Today()))'}>}[MySalesField])



      I am not really sure how to parse that.


      What I would expect is that with no calendar applied to the visualization I would just get YTD for sales for this current year (2016).


      That isn't happening though, I am getting total of ALL sales.