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    Concatenated string variable and Set Analysis

    Colin Flynn



      I'm having trouble being able to use a variable I have created in my set analysis expression. Please assist. I have tried numerous ways and have not been successful.


      Variable Name and Definition:

      vFacilityName = concat(DISTINCT chr(34) & "Facility Name" & chr(34),',')


      (When I use my variable (i.e. $(vFacilityName) ) as an expression in a text object, it does work.)


      However, I'm unable to do so in my set analysis expression:


      Attempt 1: count({$<"Facility Name"={'$(=vFacilityName)'}>}distinct Patient_ID)

      Attempt 2: count({$<"Facility Name"={'$(vFacilityName)'}>}distinct Patient_ID)

      Attempt 3: count({$<"Facility Name"={"$(vFacilityName)"}>}distinct Patient_ID)

      Attempt 4: count({$<"Facility Name"={"$(=vFacilityName)"}>}distinct Patient_ID)


      And several other attempts and changing syntax.


      Please assist this is definitely giving me some trouble.


      Thank you.