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    Can Qlik do frequency distribution graphs


      Ok. I'm new to Qlik, so perhaps this is really just a redirection to the proper section of the manual.

      NOTE I'm running Personal Edition, trying to evaluate if Qlik is up to the task I plan to use it for in my product.

      I have a data set of 1million rows of trouble ticket summary record, which I want to analyse and present in the form of a frequency distribution graph.

      Each record contains a field: trouble-ticket-duration (hours). I want to present a FD/histogran showing the distribution of durations.

      How do I do this with Qlik?

      In addition, I also want to present the data, so I can easily show which % of the trouble tickest have a call duration less than 1 hour. Can I also do a probability distribution graph on the same data?


      Thanks for your help