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    Incremental Date Format

      Hi All


      I have one question about Applying Incremental in SQL Script.


      I have one Historical Data.qvd whose size is 2 GB.

      I have to Apply Incremental Approach in it.


      1): First I will find Max from the Historical Data.qvd

      2): Than I will create variable from the Max Date.

      3): But how will declare it's format... I have a doubt in this????


      4): Than Load/Write Sql Query and use Where condition.

          Where DateField > variable Created Above  // how the variable and date format will match.......??

      5): I have a question here. How this where condition works if the Date format is not same.


      My Main question here is how will I write the Date Format.......???


      6) Lastly, I will use concatenate Historical Data.qvd in it

      7) If required than I'll use Not Exists Function.....



      Need suggestion on this.

      So, that I will not face issues in future

      and also I want to clear my doubts on this.