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    Allow users to publish their sheets

    Dominic Mander

      What actions, resource filters and conditions are required to allow a user to publish their own sheets?


      I have created custom security rules that in theory create three kinds of users ... viewer, selfservice and contributor. A viewer should be able to view published sheets and create bookmarks and stories. A selfservice user should be able to create sheets in addition to the above. A contributor should be able to publish their own sheets in addition to the above.


      Viewer and selfservice rules are working fine, but I can't get the publish to work.


      Interestingly, I have not disabled the Owner or OwnerPubliushAppObject standard rules and yet none of the user types can publish sheets (I would expect these rules to actually give the selfservice users the ability to publish so was expecting to have to disable them).


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Dominic Mander

          So I ran an audit of an unpublished sheet owned by the user highlighted in red. The audit thinks the user should have permission to publish. (The user in black is another test user, the users in grey are the service accounts).


          BUT ... the user definitely doesn't have the option to publish.




          Am I auditing the wrong thing?

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              Stephen Egerton

              Don't know if this will help, but here's what my custom community contributor rule looks like. My contributors can not create apps, so this works for me.. Make sure to select the publish action. Mine is selected, even though it's not showing on the form. I must have used the wrong template or something.. Also make sure to set the context to only in hub.


              Contributor Rule 2.JPG