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    Line color in scatter chart



      is there a way to set the color of the lines in a scatter chart? At the moment every line has its own color based on what is defined at the color-tab in the preferences.

      I'd like to have the color calculated from other data fields wich are not a dimension or an expression of the chart. Everyting I enter for the Background Color propery of the dimensions or expressions has no effect.

      Any ideas?


        • Line color in scatter chart
          Anita Fuchten

          When selecting the expression in the expression tab you can set the Background color .

          The expression used does not necessarily be a part of the dimension of expressions used ... as long as it makes sence ofcourse.

          Can you give an example of what you want to enter as expression??

            • Line color in scatter chart

              I am using the GoogleMaps-Chart from the example files. Expressions are longitude and latitude.

              Setting the Background Color Property of one or both to something static (like =rgb(0,255,0) ) has no effect.

              The lines seem to get their color according to the last dimension uesd, as before.

              Of course one can change these colors and set them to a fixed value or calculate them by expression, but it seems like this expression is evaluated before the chart is drawn and one color expression yields always the same value during the drawing process of the chart. I tried something like


              as expression in the color tab. Where COLORR is a field name with different data for each line. This did not work.

            • Line color in scatter chart

              When you choose a color, there also the option of using a calculated color.

              Look under Color Area and then Base Color. There you can set a fixed color or a calculated one.