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    Filter on last 90 days of records

      My SQL query and QlikView set analysis is giving me different results.

      I am trying to get a unique user login stats in last 90 days.


      In QlikView I have the same Oracle tables as I have in my SQL query

      My dimension is EMP_GEO and expression is:

      Count( {<LOGONDATE{">=$(=date(max(LOGONDATE)-90,'MM/DD/YYYY'))"}>} distinct NTID)


      MY SQL is:

      select emp_geo, count(distinct ntid) from plmprd.trackuserlogin t1, userdata t2
      where t1.reqid = t2.ntid (+) and logondate > (select sysdate -90 from dual) group by emp_geo;



      What am I doing wrong?