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    RE:Section in Qliksene

    Chanty 4u

      Hi all,

      Chris Turner

      Toni Kautto

      arul settu

      Rohit Kumar

      Miguel Braga

      Michael Tarallo

      i have two fileds F1 and F2


      Cellphone; private

      landline ;pubic

      iphone ;both



      access; userd ;F1 ;F2

      admin ; chanty;cellphone,private

      admin;chanty ;landline;public


      so when i do this   in front end   filters giving F1 anf F2  3 values for each filed.

      Now user want that  When he click on F1 value- CellPhone   in F2 Field show only  Private

      F1Value -Landline   in F2 vlues should show ony Public lik that user need.

      how to implement this?