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    Create a special filter - measure contains text of selected filter value

    s Walter



      i don´t now if is possible.


      • I want to make filter field like "Domain".
      • This Filter should have 3 values:
        1. www.abc.com
        2. www.def.com
        3. www.ghi.com
      • This 3 values don´t exist in the database.
      • In the database exist the field "url". It has values like
        1. www.abc.com/dir/site1
        2. www.abc.com/dir/site2
        3. www.def.com/dir/site1
        4. www.ghi.com/dir/site1
        5. etc.
      • If i select a domain in the filter field, it should shows only data from the field "url" in the diagramm wich match the selected filter in domain.
      • Example, www.def.com is selected in filter "Domain", the diagramm shows only the data for the url www.def.com/dir/site1


      Is it possible, if yes, how can i do that?