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    viewing html reports


      I have done the following:

      1. Generated a set of html pages via the objects client generator for a report.

      2. Put the html pages on the qlikview server. (the document's authorisation setting is Anonymous)

      3. Through the qemc set up a new root folder.

      however, when browsing the document i receive the following error.

      "Access denied! The server (QVS) has no USER CAL for your account. Please contact your system administrator!"

      We are only using 3/5 user cals.

      Can anyone point me in the right direction for resolving this small problem?

      Thanks in advance!

        • viewing html reports
          Vlad Gutkovsky

          Are you dynamically assigning User CALs? If not, then this message makes sense if no CAL has been manually assigned to you...


            • viewing html reports

              Hi Vlad,

              Thanks for the response.

              I hadn't thought about checking it, but yes, the checkbox for Allow dynamic CAL assignment and Allow license lease are checked.

              This is why I'm at a little bit of a loss as to why i can not view the report.

              Any other suggestions?

                • viewing html reports
                  Vlad Gutkovsky

                  Check NTFS permissions on that file and make sure you have read access. If you are using IIS, make sure the IQVS_machinename account has access as well. In general, if you are using IIS, you need to make sure that you authentication settings are consistent with QEMC. In you case, it sounds like you want to force Always Anonymous is QlikView. You would then need to disable Windows Authentication is all the IIS QlikView virtual directories (because Windows Authentication gets priority over Anonymous if both are possible).