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    Unsupported File Bug

      There is definitely some sort of bug that has been introduced in the last few days.


      Scenario is:

      1. Load a large Excel .xlsx file

      2. File can be used in an App

      3. Load a refreshed version of the Excel file (just change a few cells) into My Personal Data files to replace the first

      4. Open data manager for an App that uses the file and any table associated with the Uploaded data file will show as "Currently not available"

      5. Any app that tries to use the file via "Add Data" will be greeted with an error message "An error occurred    Unsupported File Format"

      6. Deleting the file from "My Personal Data Files" and re-adding it doesn't help.


      Now to prove it is a bug

      a) rename the same Excel file on your PC

      b) load the copy to Personal data files

      c) Use the file in any App and it works


      ie exactly the same file works in one instance and not in the other.


      So it isn't an "Unsupported File Format" it is something to do with the way Sense Cloud handles refreshing of a data source.