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    Self dependent task

      Hi all,


      I have set up a task in QMC to run after every 1 hour. Now, there are few scenarios where the task will take more than 1 hour to execute. In this case, is there any way to make it dependent on itself as well as scheduled to run after every 1 hour?


      We just wanted to ensure, task does not overlap with itself and go into forever running state.


      Thanks in advance.




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          Tresesco B

          By default the same task would not trigger the task unless the previous scheduled task is over.

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              Hi Tresesco,


              The task in QMC is actually running a batch file which executes macro to create PDF reports and we have faced situation when the task is going into forever running state( and can't be aborted).


              Is there any way by which we can schedule a task to run whenever it gets completed? Like any other services which runs continuously.




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              André Gomes



              choose continously...




              André Gomes

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                Anil Samineni

                You want to schedule task from dependency files or what? Because, Your intend seems that. Would you elaborate more. As i understand, You previous file running time Like 12:00 PM (This file assume - 1bc.qvw) then you want to schedule another qvw like 2bc.qvw - This time should be 01:00 PM


                So, I recommend you to create Task Schedular like this


                Go to Scheduler file


                Then use this


                When Running '1bc.qvw' THEN '2bc.qvw'


                For this 2bc.qvw schedule time around like above from Reload Tab


                Hope This Helps, If you are thinking this parts

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                    Hi Anil,


                    I have a qvw which I initially scheduled to run after every 1 hour, later I have found that sometimes it is taking more than 1 hour and sometimes a few minutes to run depending upon the data size which varies from time to time.


                    So, we have decided to make it run after every 1 hour and if the task is still running then skip it for that hour. But I think it is not possible to make it self dependent.


                    Thus we are left with only option to make it run continuously, but I think this feature is not available in SR6. Is there anyway to implement this without upgradation?