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    is there any simple way to add multiple images in Qlik sense Mashup

    Lakshmikandh Karthikeyan

      Hi ,


      We are currently designing a mashup which will take city as input from the base product and will show the city page with its logo,mayor,banner,etc and related Qlik objects (where we will pass selection to the City Field to Qlik in JS).

      Problem is when city list increases data will flow from the data files to the qlik automatically, but in mashup folder if we place the newly added city related images and alter those HTML/JS its not accepting and not showing up new images in mashup when referring those objects. Every time we have to open up the Mashup again and choose add object to that mashup and add those images. Its like manually adding 100's of various images related to the web page in that mashup.


      Is there any simpler way to do this ?