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    Tables will not CONCATENATE as expected

    Robert Fishel

      Hello my QlikView friends.  I have an issue with table concatenation that has me stumped.  Basically, I am loading one table from a qvd, and then another table by using a SQL Select statement.  My expectation is that the table created with a SQL SELECT would merge all fields with TABLE_A, and that my result set would be several fields beginning with TABLE_A since they are to be qualified.  Instead, the fields from the second table are appearing as a second set of fields, with an arbitrary name taken from within the SQL SELECT portion as their qualifying header.  I hope this makes sense.  I have tried to make sure that the exact same field names are being used for both tables and that there are the same number of fields so that they should blend perfectly into one table.  I am not sure what is happening?  Thanks.  Here is my simple syntax:



      QUALIFY *;

      LOAD  *
      FROM Path (qvd);





      LOAD  *;

      SQL SELECT (code);


      UNQUALIFY *;



      I expect TABLE_A.first name

                    TABLE_A.last name

                    TABLE_A.phone number



      Instead I get  TABLE_A.first name

                            TABLE_A.last name

                            TABLE_A.phone number

                            TABLE_B.first name

                            TABLE_B.last name

                            TABLE_B.phone number