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    Table Style


      I'm new to qlikview and I have a question: may I create my own Style for a Table (or a pivot table) or am I enforced to use one of those qlikview makes available?

      I'd like to make a table with row style changing every two lines and with labels for the columns of colour and format I prefer...how can I do it?



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          You can customize the rows by customizing the background color for each expression. This is done in two ways.

          If you want the same color for all the rows, select the design mode, select any cell in the expression column, right click and select custom formal cells. You can chose the color that you want and you can apply changes to the current expression or all the expression (Selection is available in the dialog box).

          You can do the same with the column headings.

          If you want different colors for different rows, here is what you can do.

          In the expression dialog box, expand any expression and select the background color. In the definiton, you can insert a function such as



          The above will have two colors, white and gray for alternate rows.


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              I wonder if there is a way to create a table style to apply to the whole document, like when you create a theme.


              Thank you so much

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                Peter Moyaert


                My problem is similar.

                In my rows I have all representatives with 2 rows (info current year and info last year)

                Some representatives are new and do not have figures for last year, so only one row is shown.

                I would like to switch colours when the representative is changing, not taking into account if the table shows one or two rows for each representative.

                Any suggesions ?

                Best regards