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    Resource Filters for Root Admin?

    Ashutosh Mishra

      I am trying to create a Security Rule for Root Admin with the following Resource Filter: App_*,App.Object_*,ContentLibrary_*,DataConnection_*,EngineService_*,Extension_*,PrintingService_*,ProxyService_*,ReloadTask_*,RepositoryService_*,SchedulerService_*,ServerNodeConfiguration_*,Stream_*,User_*,UserSyncTask_*,VirtualProxyConfig_*


      I am the default Root Admin and the structure that we have in our org is that we have an AD Group by the name ADMIN_Access, and people who need to be Root Admins are added to this AD Group.

      When someone else is added to this AD Group, they are able to open QMC but all the tabs are blank.

      When I change the Resource Filter to just: *

      the added person has access to all the components of the QMC. Why does this happen?