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    Displaying Raw Data for Export in QlikSense

    Scott Posey

      Hey everyone.


      I have a business user who we want to automate a report for. He typically puts in a request for a raw data file in excel that he then pivots and does a number of things to. We're working with him to recreate a lot in Qlik, but the nature of the report is such that a raw pull of about a years worth of data is run overnight, and then when the report is opened, he can select how he wants to slice and dice it to see the data. It's a large raw data set, but that's because there are a lot of possible options to slice by.


      My question is this...how can I give him the option to export data (after he slices) to excel without the system just bogging down from trying to show the raw, pre filtered data? Right now the raw data page I created just tries to load everything before you can even apply a filter (see image below) and doesn't finish. I want no data to show until he selects what he wants from the drop downs above, so he can then export to excel. Maybe a filter exists, you press a button, and it displays? Does anyone know if that is possible or something similar?