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    Document properties

      When I change a setting in the Document Properties and click Apply and then close the Document properties window and reopen it, the settings have gone back to their default. This happens no matter what settings I change. It is only happending on one qvw file.

      Please help.

        • Document properties
          Rob Wunderlich

          If it's only happening with one document, I would suggest contacting support.


          • Document properties
            Dennis Hoogenboom

            Did anybody find a solution for this?
            I have the same problem with 1 document. I can not change (some) document settings. If I click Ok and open the settings again it is not saved.

            Just like in the example Filipe uploaded I can not change settings on (for example) the tab Opening or Security

            I think is must be a security setting in the document because it is the same on different computers.
            And the problem only occures in 1 document.

            I am using Qlikview 9.00.7646.9 SR6

            PS I did not use AJAX-mode so that can't be the problem