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    How to set colour in bar chart

    Tim Marsh

      Hi guys, checked old answers first.


      I have a bar chart with 2 dims. I am summing 2 counters across the dims.

      I have a dimension - MonthYear. I also have a cyclical group.


      I am summing two counters across each M-Y to display a percentage result.


      When the result is below 0.95, I want the bar to be red, regardless of the cyclical chosen.


      In chart properties, I've tried adding the below to the Dimension (MonthYear) background colour. I've used 0.59 as I can see some results above and below 0.59, so can visually confirm.


      =IF(((sum(DS_Complete_Counter)/sum(DS_Record_Counter))<0.59),Red(), Green())


      In the the cyclical dim, I've added the same test.


      In Colours, I also changed the first colour to be calculated, using the same formula.


      I cannot for the life of me to get this to work.


      Thanks for any help!