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    Automating Complex Section Access



      I am trying to automate the Complex Section Access logic mentioned in the below link  https://community.qlik.com/blogs/qlikviewdesignblog/2012/10/02/complex-authorization?_ga=1.182749103.82633442.1474435471


      We would like to get this in a auto-pilot mode where users can enter as many section access columns of their liking. (e.g. 2 as in the below example or 3 columns (e.g. State, Product, Employee)).


      New YorkJackets
      New YorkBoots


      In the Qlikview Script

      1. We concatenate the column in the Fact table to generate the AuthID column

      2. Create the Bridge Table with AuthID and %AuthID


      I was able to get the 1st part working (the easier one ). Unable to think of a logic to get the 2 part. I am unable to think of a logic to replace one or more column with * to generate the %AuthID column.