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    Colours on the chart

      Hi there, I've got a question while creating a Qlik Sense app.


      I have a combo-chart with two bar measures and two line measures. Let them be 1Bar, 2Bar, 1Line, 2Line.


      I want to set the same colour for 1Bar and 1Line and other colour for 2Bar and 2Line.


      How can I do that?


      Thank you,


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          Rohit Kumar

          Hi Andrey,


          Coloring on the basis of filed in not possible in Qlik Sense until now. you can set color by range or value of any field but not as field one is red and second is green.


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          Rohit Kumar

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            Ugonna Okoli

            You could try setting the colors for each measure using an expression, refer to this thread for more details on the subject Re: color by expression - QlikSense


            Hope this helps

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                Rohit Kumar

                Hi Ugonna,


                Thanks for adding your inputs but point here is , you can specify any certain color n fields , yes choosing color by dimension gives a unique color to fields but you can set it by your own use case. What we can do only here , we can create condition like for Year Filed , 2012 will be red and 2013 will be green for example but now as amount will be red and quantity will be green.