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    SAP OLAP Connector - Dimension & Hierarchy

    Khim Hoe Tan

      Hi all,


      We are trying to extract data from our BW cube using the OLAP Connector. But we are facing some problem when extracting the dimension/hierarchy from the cube.


      In the help file, it mentioned that we can download the characteristic and hierarchies separately. But it never mentioned on how to do it:


      To improve performance, it is also possible to download the characteristics and key figures in one load and create separate loads for each characteristic with its attributes and hierarchies. If these separate loads are stored in QVD files, they can be easily merged together using the KEY field of the characteristic:



      Anyone knows how exactly the above method works? I tried to select one of the dimension, but the level 1 is always missing from the final dimension data. Due to this, it cannot link back to the fact data which start with level 1.