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    Using a dimension field different from the setAnalysis field

    Simon Touyet

      Hi all,


      I have searched and searched but to no avail at the moment.


      I have multiple tables, all incorporating the field CalendarDate apart from one which has 2 columns: [Opened Date] and [Closed Date] neither of which should be renamed as CalendarDate (that would be too easy and inaccurate).


      All charts use the dimension CalendarDate. No exceptions. However, when I want to create the chart based on the number of items where [Opened Date] = CalendarDate, it obviously shows nothing on the chart because the chart's dimension is CalendarDate and that table does not contain the CalendarDate field.


      How can I have the chart show the data whilst still using the CalendarDate dimension? I am guessing I need a complex SetAnalysis in there. I already have a setAnalysis in my measure to only show the last 7 days of the master calendar I created (which contains the master CalendarDate field) as such and works beautiful so that's not a problem.


      {$<[Opened Date]={">$(=Date(Max(CalendarDate)-7))<=$(=Max(CalendarDate))"}>}


      Also, I will want to do the same based on [Closed Date]; hence why I can't just rename the [Opened Date] field to CalendarDate.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.