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    Dual Date field showing as Text([Month]) in selection panel

    Hannah Cozad



      In my load script, I am loading a Month field as a DUAL([Month],[Period]) AS [Month], where Month is in the format of "Jul 2016," and Period is in the format of YYYYMM (e.g. 201601 for January 2016). I need to do it this way for sorting purposes.


      When I use this [Month] field in a chart, I need to use TEXT([Month]) so it displays correctly as "Jul 2016" instead of 201.61K (thinking it is 201,601 as a numerical value). When i click on one of the Month values on the x-axis to make a selection, in the Selection panel, it is labeled as "Text([Service Month])" (see screen shot below). Is there a way to just have it display [Service Month]?