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    Rare wrong matches with intervalmatch function

      Hello dear community,


      during my Qlik Sense developing the following problem occurs.

      I have a table with transactions including discount and discount groups.





      In another table I have for each discount groups several discount intervals with their borders:

      Discount group     Discount interval     lower border     upper border

           101                              RS1                        0                    55

           101                              RS2                       56                   60

           ...                                   ...                          ...                    ...

      I have already put a lot of effort to get there, but that is fine so far.


      So now I have created an intervalmatch for slowly changing dimensions as described in the attachment, page 12 and following.

      The matches are almost everytime perfect, such a few are not correctly matched, such as discounts of 61% or 71%.

      I don't get what is wrong. My discounts are self calculated and multiplicated by 100 in order to avoid percentages.

      A discount of e.g. 55,5% is displayed as 56% and correctly matched to the discount interval RS2.

      My intervalmatch looks like:



      Intervalmatch (Discount, DiscountGroup) Load distinct lowerBorder, upperBorder, DiscountGroup

      Resident DiscountGroups;


      I am looking forward to get some help.


      Thank you in advance.