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    Qliksense connectivity with azure Rest databased Json file

    Yogita Mehta

      Hi  All,


      i  have a requirement , i have to make conenction with rest db on Azure cloud ,


      i have followed the steps mentioned in qlik website , installed the rest connectors.



      Setting up selected REST sources for data loading

         The following procedures explain how to acquire the connection requirements for selected social networking platforms:
      • Facebook
      • LinkedIn
      • Twitter
      • Google Analytics
      You use the developer interface for each platform to get credentials and query parameters for the specific application or service you intend to collect data from.The procedures below are accurate for the particular requests illustrated. The procedures for alternative requests may differ from those illustrated. Also, social networking platforms used in the illustrated procedures may change their interface or the other details of the procedure. When that happens, the procedures below will not be completely accurate.

      Connecting to Facebook

      Do the following:
      1. Sign into your Facebook account at https://developers.facebook.com/
      2. Create a new application.The registration and validation process for the application takes time, so the application may not be available as soon as you add it. If you have an application that was written previously, you can access that immediately, but it must be an application created with a developer account.
      3. Navigate to the developer explorer page at https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer.
      4. Select the application.
      5. Select Get Access Token.The objective is to provide access to data. Get Access Token is currently the interface label Facebook uses. Even if that label changes, there must be a means of getting an access token.
      6. Generate an API method.
      7. Submit.
      8. Go to the Create a connection - REST  step in the REST Connector.
      9. In the URL field, enter the URL from your Facebook application.The URL contains the API method that determines the type of response the data source returns. For example:https://graph.facebook.com/+'me?fields=albums.limit(5),posts.limit(5)'  
      10. Add a parameter in the Query parameters field for the access token you received for the application.For example:  The access token authenticates your access to the Facebook data. You do not need Windows authentication nor do you need to provide your Facebook credentials in the User name and Password fields.
      11. Complete the remaining fields and selections in the Create a connection - REST  step




      After this when i'm trying to test the conenction , i'm getting qautentication failed error