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    Changing Default Setting on Access Point

      Hello All,


      Our team is trying to use the “Notes” feature in the Access Point to provide the ability for users to collaborate with each other/take notes for regular data reviews. We find this feature very useful, but have concerns on the security of the notes/comments added.


      When a user adds a new note (Right-clicking on an object-> Notes-> Add a New Note), the standard setting for the “Who can see this note” drop-down (This pops up when you click on the People icon at the top right) seems to be “Anyone who can see the object” (The other drop-down options are “Only Me” and “Specific People”). The user has the ability to change this setting, but there is a good chance the user misses it and just enters the note and saves as the share setting is not visible right away. This would be an issue if the notes contain confidential information. Also, users might lose their notes in the midst of all other visible notes created by others.


      It would be great if there is a way to change the default setting to “Only Me” so only the creator of the note can initially see it, after which he/she can decide who to share it with (the “Specific People” option). Any inputs on this would be much appreciated!