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    QlikView file performance on VMware Virtual machine

      Hi everyone,

      I'm hoping that someone out there can assist us with a performance problem that we are having with our QlikView server that runs in a VMware environment.


      Our .qvw file is 190MB.

      The issue is that it takes 27-30 seconds to load our .qvw file when logging into QlikView via the webpage. We have also been able to replicate the problem when opening our .qvw file using QlikView Desktop edition where it takes around 27-30 seconds to open so it does not seem to be the QlikView server service or IIS settings causing the issue.


      Some information about our environment:

      Dell R720 Physical Server

      192GB RAM

      All Solid State Drives with internal RAID controller.

      2 x Intel 3.5GHz E5-2637 v2 4-Core CPU's

      Gigabit network connectivity

      VMware ESXi 5.5 Update 1


      Virtual Server

      Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter

      18GB Ram

      4 vCPU running at 3.5GHz (2 sockets with 2 cores each)

      80GB C Drive

      VMware Tools installed and up to date


      QlikView Server is installed.

      QlikView Desktop Version 11.20.13206.0 SR13 64-Bit Edition


      We also have a physical server that we have completed some testing on:

      Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

      16GB Ram

      1 x Intel 3.0GHz E3-1240 v5 4-Core CPU

      SSD Hard Drive


      When we open the same .qvw file on the physical server it opens in 7-8 seconds consistently, compaired to 27-30 seconds consistently on the virtual server.


      The host originally had 2.2GHz CPU's installed so we were advised to upgrade the CPU's to a faster clock speed to get better performance but we have exactly the same performance even with the faster CPU's.

      I have been over the VMware host performance in detail as there are 5 other VM's that run on the host but there are more than enough resources available to support the load. CPU sits at around 10% utilisation and Ram is around 40% utilised on the host. Disk performance is also ok with no high wait times or paging occuring on the drives.


      I have tested opening the file with QlikView desktop on a different VM that runs on a different Physical machine (similar specs to the Dell R720 above and same version of ESX) and we get the same performance result, 27-30 seconds to open the file.

      When navigating around QlikView between different dashboards etc we get very poor performance when compared to the physical machine.

      We have checked the BIOS settings of the VM and verified they as correct as per QlikView best practice.


      So after all of that my questions are:

      Does anyone run QlikView in a VMware environment? if yes, what version of ESX do you have?

      If so, is the above performance expected in a VMware environment?


      Are there any other settings or things we can test to try and improve the performance before we go and buy a new server just to run QlikView.


      I'm keen to hear your thoughts.


      Thank you!