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    Measure not dividing by variable amount

    Neil Deeley

      Hi there,


      I'm trying to calculate percentage values in a table.


      I've created a variable called (AC - DWS) which calculates the total number of records for a measure. This calculates and I can output the results to a text box:



      I'm using this variable to divide by the total records for a particular dimension., If I manually add the result as a number, the division works:




      If I use the result of the variable, it doesn't:




      Any idea why? It also doesn't work if I add the calculation used to get the variable value:


      Count({1<[Ops Function]={'Drinking Water'}, DataSource={'Alarms'}, [Alarm Status]={3}, Date={'>=$(=Date($(vTodaysDate)))'}>} AlarmCount)


      Any help gratefully received!