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    Predefined Measures Containing Variables

    wynand cilliers

      Hi Experts,


      I have a question regarding the measures defined in Sense. I want to make it as easy for the customer as possible. They have about 50+ measures that they use with different rules and set analysis already applied to them.


      I want to know, if there is a way to add a set analysis parameter to the already existing measure that already contains set analysis.




      Measure is defined as follows:

      Name:     GrossSales

      Expression:     Sum({<Type = 'Inv'>}Amount)


      I want to display this as a YTD and LYTD in a bar chart without having to manually write the expression. And hopefully without creating 2 measures. The problem is, that all 50+ measure would have to be duplicated just for there two dimensions. And there is a lot more.


      Is there a way to pass selections back through a variable perhaps? Multiples though, for when they select 3 months or 2 different brands or something.


      Any help would be appreciated!