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    Add a drill-down dimension in a "inline" code

    Giuseppe De Vivo

      Hi all,


      I tried to add a drill-down dimension called "Regione Drill" in a Inline code but it doesnt't work:


      Load * Inline [
      Display, Dim1
      'Asset Class','Tipologia titolo'
      'Paese Emittente','Regione Drill'
      'Valuta'  ,'C D'


      I need to use this dimension in a Bar Chart. In the Dimension Expression Field I wrote the code:


      $(='[' & only(Dim1) & ']') 


      In this way, the user can select a dimension to change the kind of analysis trought this radio-box element:


      The dimensions "Asset Class" and "Valuta" are normal dimensions.

      The dimension Paese Emittente is a Drill-Down dimension.


      How I can associate that dimension to the radio-box element?

      P.S. = the code works if I specify only the "normal" dimensions. When I add the drill-down dimensions, it doesn't work.

      I created the drill-down dimension trought QlikSense:



      Thank you in advance.